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Spoprt: outdoor sports in the pure air

mountain bikes

Exercising in a pure and clean environment is becoming a rarity, but you can do it here! We also organize excursions and group activities. Our aim is to offer a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our sport activities include:

Mountain Bike


Running in the Mountains


There is always a guide available for excursions on mountain bikes or for trekking.

In each case we offer a bike cleaning service and a shower service. There is also available to those who are just passing by, wanting a moment We are always eager to hear your proposals and to organize excursions and trips on your request or suggestion.

Francesco can organize mountain bike or road bike trips in Italy or abroad in collaboration with Fahrtwind mountain biking & road biking, an important tour operator in the sector.
For informations please call: Francesco +39 335 5668819